Exterior Painting

Professional Exterior Paint Services

We are the best choice in Clermont Florida for  exterior property painting that has provided quality and reliable painting services for over 12 years. No matter your property type, Rayz Remodeling can paint it!

Our very experienced South Lake county painting company is 100% focused on quality surface preparation before applying paint in our process. The entire exterior, whether a residential or commercial project, is thoroughly cleaned with an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution. Our specially blended cleaner

kills mildew and strips contaminants without harming plants or landscaping.

Rayz Remodeling will carefully examine every inch of your property’s exterior surfaces to identify and repair minor cracks or imperfections. A sealer will be applied to all exterior surfaces prior to applying the finish paint. Sealing all surfaces first will ensure great adhesion for the newly applied paint.

We ensure your shrubbery and landscaping, outside flooring, light fixtures, windows, fencing, screen enclosures, etc. are completely covered and protected during the painting process.

Better Paint means a better warranty!

Our goal is to achieve a water tight structure that protects your asset while making it look great too. Rayz Remodeling experts will only apply top of the line premium coatings. Cheap paints do not contain the same ratios of UV inhibitors, mildew inhibitors and adhesive ingredients as premium paints. Using industry leading Behr Paint products allows us to offer our industry leading 7 year warranty!

No need to worry about not being satisfied with our exterior paint solution. You won’t pay us a dime until you are 100% happy with our work!

If you need a Professional Exterior Painting contractor, get the best local painting company in Clermont!

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